Posters and publications


2004 Publication „Rehabilitation of toothless patients according to individual morphology of skull“. Quintessenz Zahntechnik, Deutschland.
2004 Publication „Dentistry in the Federal Republic of Germany today“. Stominfo, (Lithuania)
2005 Publication „Centriko registras. Problems and their solutions „. KFO Zeitung, DE
2005 Publication „Centriko Registras“. American Dental News
2006 Publication “Centriko registrat. Problems and techniques. “
2006 Publication „Peculiarities of sealing technology with Enamel Plus HFO.“ Dental Magazine, DE
2007 Publication „Effective Centre Registration Methods“, paragraphs 1 and 2. DZW, DE
2008 Publication „The Benefits of Working with Stable Material Temperatures“, DZW, DE
2011 Publication „Nanocrystalline hydroxyapatite bone substitute leads to sufficient bone tissue formation after three months: Histological and histomorphometrical analysis after three and six months after human sinus cavity augmentation“. Clinical Implant Dentistry and Related Research
2013 Publication „One-stage microvascular mandible reconstruction and alloplastic TMJ prosthesis“. J Craniomaxillofac Surg. Feb 25, 2013


2001 „Interactions between the dorsal dislocation of the joint head in the magnetic resonance tomograms and the increase in the slide in centric size of the electronic position indicator data“. International Scientific Symposium at Greifswald University.
2002 „Interactions between occlusal parameters and symptomatic lower limb joint pain in adult probing. SHIP Study Results. „Annual Conference of the German Orthodontic Scientific Union.
2003 „Interactions between the occlusal factors and the subjective symptoms of mandibular lower limb joint dysfunction in adult probing.“ Scientific conference of the Functional Diagnostic and Therapeutic Working Group (Association) of the German Association of Scientific Dental Organizations. Award for the best poster for the conference.
2004 „Malocclusion, Periodontal Attachment Loss And Increased Pocket Depth In Adult Population“ at the conference Baltic Orthodontic Congress 2004.
2011 Poster „TMC, combined with free microvascular reanastomotic reconstruction of the jaws“, DGMKG Congress, DE
2011 Poster DGMKG Conference „Use of nanocrystalline hydroxyapatite versus bovine bone mineral in sinusoidal floor augmentation: clinical and histological comparative examination in split-mouth design“.